Let’s declare SpaceY Memes War!

2 min readNov 4, 2021

The SpaceY 2025 project is thrilled to invite all of our community to set the November vibe with an exciting and creative competition series: SpaceY 2025 November Memes War. If you have got an excellent sense of humor and understanding of crypto projects, this is the perfect time to show your talent. we have learned about the creativity level of our community. Thus, to keep the fun alive and give you exciting opportunities we organize this weekly MEME Competition.

About the SpaceY 2025 November memes war

It is a weekly contest, valid only for November 2021. There will be a specific and unique theme set for every week’s contest. Participants must create original memes around the given theme. A total reward pool of 45 NFT will be shared between 15 winners every week for a period of 3 weeks

First Theme: The theme for the first week is SpaceY- “The Mars Exploration”. 04–11 November 2021
Second Theme: The theme for the second week is SpaceY- “The Colonization”. 11–18 November 2021
Third Theme: The theme for the Third week is SpaceY- “The AlienInvasion”. 19–26 November 2021

Rules of Participation:

· Follow https://twitter.com/spacey2025 on Twitter

· Find an image to use as a meme or make an original meme by yourself

· You can add some amusing text or lines for SpaceY2025 Project

· Use your Twitter account to tweet your meme tagging @spacey2025 , and using #Spacey2025memewar #Metaverse #memecontest

Please note: Once done, send your submission to


Also, do not forget to submit your Telegram username and your meme along with the tweet link for registration and verification purposes. please use the Subject as: SpaceY2025 November Meme Contest Entry.

MEME Qualification Requirements & Terms:

· The meme must be free of non-SpaceY 2025 logos, links, etc.

· Any plagiarized meme entered will be disqualified. The participants, and not the SpaceY project, are responsible for ensuring that no copyright violations occur.

· Participants can submit only 1 meme each. Multiple entries from a single participant will not count.

· Participants can submit again for the next week with different theme.

Winners Selection Process

· Our team and the community managers will together select 15 winners every week and it will be announce through SpaceY 2025 channel .

· Each winner will receive 1 spaceY NFT randomly

Submit your entries for the first week on or before the end of each week period




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