SpaceY 2025 Tutorial — How to get started with SpaceY 2025

5 min readNov 19, 2021

How to Login?

Ø Click the button on the official website to log in and enter the game page.

Ø Wait for the loading of the game content page. It takes a short time.

Ø Enter the main interface of the game and click on the profile in the upper right corner to select the login method — metamask or fortmatic.

How to build?

The finite, traversable, 3D virtual space within SpaceY 2025 is called Island, a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract. Each Island has its own serial Tag (e.g. A, 0). These Islands are permanently owned by the players in SpaceY 2025 and are purchased using $ SPAY, SpaceY’s crypto currency token. This allows players to place construction NFTs on the Island, and different construction NFTs will give players different advantages during the gameplay.

Ø In the main interface are all the lands, 360 pieces in all. Lands owned by players will rise and shine.

Ø Land can be bought from the official marketplace, or from other players in the community market.

Ø Constructions can be placed on land, providing different buffs, and buffs of the same construction can stack up.

Ø To acquire constructions: open blind boxes, and the rarity varies.

Ø The function of construction placement is under development!

How to enter defense mode and build your tower defense?

Ø Click the button at the bottom right corner of the main game scene to enter the tower defense mode.

Ø The number of entrances to the tower defense mode per day is limited. It is tentatively set to 3 times. Players can use Meta Mars Tokens to purchase additional entrances. Each purchase will increase the consumption of tokens for the next entry.

Ø You can select towers by clicking the backpack button at the bottom of the screen, and place them at the locations allowed to be built on the map.

Ø The map is semi-open. You can influence the battle by placing towers.

Ø In order to obtain your towers open blind boxes, and the rarity varies.

Ø After setting up a satisfactory defensive formation you’re ready to go: Click on the combat button on the left to resist the attacking enemies!

How to fight?

Use your tower NFTs to defend the human base on Mars. You have the ability to build various towers that attack and route the path for the waves of enemies. And different towers provide various abilities that are good against different types of enemies, so placing your defensive constructions smartly to prevent endless and unknown enemies from attacking and stealing resources. The longer you persist, the more generous the reward will be.

Ø Each wave of attack has multiple enemies. Kill each enemy and you can get scores and Tech Points, an important resource for tower upgrades.

Ø Tower upgrades consume Meta Mars Tokens, which can be obtained after each successful defense of a wave of enemies.

Ø The more waves of successful defense, the more generous the reward will be (Tech Points and Meta Mars Token), and the higher the score you will get.

Ø The ladder system will rank according to the players’ scores on a monthly basis. The top players will be rewarded with SPAY tokens.

How to upgrade?

There are two ways to upgrade your towers:

Ø Defeat enemies gains resources — Tech Points and Meta Mars Token. These two are used to build and upgrade towers which can be sold at a loss. Tower upgrades increase various statistics including fire power and range.

Ø (Coming soon) Players can also spend Meta Mars tokens to change abilities attached to their towers.

What comes next?

Ø The towers have four parts, and each part will have term attributes as a special buff.

Ø The term attribute strength is determined by the rarity.

Ø Spend some Meta Mars Tokens to transform your towers, so that they can regain the new attributes of the parts in the place of the old ones.

Ø There is an upper limit on the number of transformations. Each transformation will increase the number of Meta Mars spent next time.

What else is important?

1. Economic model: dual tokens

a. Game token MetaMars: unlimited issuance; balance is adjusted by controlling the ratio of burning; the initial circulation is 100 million.

b. Token SPAY: A total of 25 million are issued. It is issued according to a certain ratio based on the total amount of SPAY spent by users to purchase items on the official website and the price of SPAY on the day.

c. Some of the NFT assets in the game (such as constructions, towers, etc.) can only be obtained by purchasing blind boxes from the official marketplace with SPAY; other NFT assets (such as boat tickets, land, etc.) can be purchased directly from the official marketplace. 80% of the total amount of SPAY spent on NFT purchases will enter the season prize pool, which will be distributed to the top 10% of players at the end of the season. Half of the remaining 20% is used to reward the development team, and the other half is used to increase the liquidity of the mining pool.

2. Source of revenue

a. Daily missions, pve, pvp for MetaMars.

b. When the monthly season of pvp is settled, the top 10% of players can get SPAY.

c. Spend MetaMars to transform the towers and obtain rare skill terms to improve combat effectiveness.

d. Players can buy and sell NFT assets on the community market page on the official website.

3. Game advantages:

a. Seasonal position rewards: The top 10% of players can win SPAY.

b. The play -to earn mechanism is simple and the game operation is straightforward but with a very interesting gameplay.

c. The game development team is highly skilled, experienced and very professional.

d. No need for game client; developed based on the WebGL platform, it can be played on the web, which greatly reduces user’s learning cost.

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