Step by Step; how to get into the V1 of Space Y 2025.

4 min readJul 21, 2021

With the V1 of Space Y 2025 released on our website, we want to be the most responsible possible helping and guiding you to know better the interface and how to use our marketplace. Now prepare because we’re about to start!.

1. First of all please go to the principal page of the website and click on the “early access” button to go to our current game sence

2. The game will load about 3–5mins for the first time. But it will become faster (within 1 min) after you opened it once.

3. It will ask you to sign in through your Metamask account, please make sure you are on the Ethereum net.

4. After signed in, you can see your wallet address here.

5. You can check your current assets by clicking on the bagpack icon on the bottom left, once you are there, you would be able to check your inventory.

6. The store icon on the right will take you to the Marketplace website page.

7. Then it will show you the options you have for buying, you can chose between lands, bording pass or BluePrint Chip.

8. Select the item you need and clic on buy.

9. After that it will request for sign in to make the purchase.

10. When Click on “sign in” button it will request for connect your metamask wallet (make sure you connect in ethereum net)

11. Accept and continue

12. Select Metamask and connect.

13. Then it will show you the option to connect with the Metamask extension in google, click “next” and introduce your password.

14. Then just connect.

15. Now you can have access to the marketplace with your personal account and linked to metamask.

16. Now you can purchase anything you want! select the item you need and click on buy.

17. Once you did so, you most authorize $SPAY as your custom token in this marketplace, just need to do it once!

18. It will show you a warning with the fee amount it will request for the transaction then proceed, and confirm.

19. Now you can confirm the purchase loking into your assets.

Please make sure you are on the Ethereum net, in the future we will launch the game on BSC, in the other hand BluePrint Chip is BlindBox, it can only be viewed and opened in the game.

You have now access to the V1, Check it out and share with us your opinios regarding it.

Remember that you can participate for more prizes just following the steps in our twitter post.

SpaceY team ❤




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